Take Advantage of a Tax-Deductible Way to Donate a Golf Cart

It seems like tax season is always approaching, and even in mid-April after you’ve finally put the big day behind you, there’s always next year’s tax season to think about. To make the whole experience less miserable, you might think of creative and fun ways to get a tax write-off that you need to keep your tax owed down to a manageable level or increase the refund you can expect. If you love golf or you’re simply a supporter of non-profit organizations as a whole, buying a golf cart and donating it to the right organization is a rewarding way to get a tax deduction.

Buy for the Right Price

Visit Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc. to shop for both new and used golf carts for donation. The amount you take off your taxes is equivalent to the value of the gift or the amount you spent on the purchase – speak to your accountant to be sure of the value you can expect while considering the purchase. No matter how much you’re considering donating, there’s a cart that fits virtually any budget.

Choose the Right Non-Profit

The key to making your golf cart purchase tax deductible is to then donate the cart to a qualifying non-profit organization in need of one. Such organizations might include:

  • Schools or universities
  • Playgrounds
  • Second-hand shops with large warehouses
  • Litter pickup organizations
  • Boys and girls scout groups

Consider the non-profits that have activities that cover a lot of space and could use a vehicle to traverse from one point to another. They don’t actually have to play golf. It’s not just the participants of the groups who could use it; if there’s a janitorial staff involved, they could make use of the carts.

Refurbish Your Own Cart

If you have your own cart for golf or traversing your property, look at the tax deduction as a chance to upgrade. Purchase whatever parts your old cart needs online and gets it in working order. Buy yourself a new or newer used cart and then donate your old cart to the organization. An accountant can help you come up with a value to place on the donation.

Ask your favorite non-profit organization if it could benefit from a golf cart. Both new and used carts are available from the right supplier at reasonable prices, so you might be able to afford to donate to more than one organization or to give more than one cart per organization. Because carts offer easier transportation for custodians, security officers, supervisors, and other members of an organization, they’re really not just for golf lovers to donate.