The Social Role of Women in Sports

sportswomenSport is a social activity, as well as other activities in the social processes that cause the interaction between an individual with other individuals as well as the environment in which the individual resides. In the social interaction that exists in an orderly and structured, each person has a particular situation that caused the changes in the “what” that must be carried and did.

The fact that human life has two aspects, namely public life and private life. In the life of the community (public), humans learned to accept and adjust to value and actual circumstances, which may not be wanted.
As an individual, human beings have the freedom to do and be in accordance with her wishes. As in team sports activities, which have a collective rule but given the freedom each person to demonstrate the capabilities exceed the abilities of other.

In case of any sports, the interactions that occur among participants gave birth to certain levels or as a system of social stratification of society. Not only on the type of activity but the actors involved. For example there is the term elite sport, community sport, amateur and professional sports, special sports for men and women’s sports and others.

Women who are active in sports means she deeply involved in the specific interaction patterns in society. This is where people will look at, and will provide an assessment to finally give him status.
Status as a person’s position in society, which means it is one’s place in general in society in relation with others, in the sense of their peers, prestige and rights and obligations, and the position of the objective that gives rights and obligations to the people which occupies the last position.

Factors that determine the women who exercised in society is a network of interactions. How wide he was able to form a pattern of interaction with others, and how the interaction and communication can he do with the other. One measure for this is the frequency of involvement in sporting activities and achievements that have been printed. With that, the public will give him status.