Scheduling Your Outdoor Fun from Home or Work

The old adage about work making for a dull boy can come into play in your own life when you forget to have fun.  When it seems like you are stuck at work more than you are home, you may want to mix up your routine when possible by indulging in a few rounds of golf.

However, you cannot take off from work to visit the local course just to make your reservations in person.  Instead, you might find it easier to schedule tee times, dinner, and other conveniences at the golf course online during your downtime at work.

Finding a Time that Works for You

Your busy work schedule might leave you little room for free time.  You may only know on a week-to-week basis what days you will have off and what days you can go out and play some golf.

Even if you only know a few days in advance about your days off, you can still schedule times at the tee by using the calendar options on the website.  The site shows you the days available for weeks at a time including the current week.  You can then pick and choose what day match up with your own calendar.

The calendar also shows you the times available for each day.  The times start early in the morning and continue until the late afternoon before the sun sets.  You have a variety of time slots from which to choose for your convenience.

Tailoring the Reservation

Much of the fun of playing golf centers on spending time with friends.  You get to laugh, have fun, and engage in friendly competitions with your friends as you go around all 18 holes on the course.

You can look forward to your downtime even more by including your friends in your reservation.  The website allows you to book times for up to four people.  You can include you and several others to hit the course during a time that fits best into your schedule.

The online reservation system is free to use and available 24 hours a day.  You can also use the same system to cancel or change your reservations if you are called into work.

When golf is your secret pleasure away from work, you do not have to take a day off to schedule your reservation.  You can set up your times now online.