How to Score More Goals in Football

If you’re currently hitting everything but the back of the net, then it’s time you upped your game and your strike rate. Being a great goal-scorer starts with self-belief. If you want to score more goals, then desire is just as important as technique! Never pass up a shooting opportunity. If you make it, your team will love you for it. If you don’t, then learn from it and move on. You will succeed you – all you have to do is work out how.

Identify the Striking Point

First, you need to find that sweet spot, the moment when you hit the ball perfectly. Identify what that feels like and then work on reproducing it time after time. But to get the position where you can shoot in a match, you need to fight to keep possession, keep the speed of your game high and work intensively to get the ball and keep the ball.

Whole-Body Experience

If you want to score like the best, it makes sense to study their technique. Take Ronaldo, who has a really clean and swift movement through the ball rather than simply swinging his leg and hoping to make contact. Keep your upper body as still as possible and really lean into your kick. If you’re right-footed, then lean in with your left shoulder. Keep your chin up and engage the core, giving you greater overall strength.

It’s a Mental Thing

All sport has a mental element, and if you can visualize the perfect shot, then you greatly increase your chances of making the perfect shot. Looking the part helps too, so source some great kit from football kit suppliers like and hit the pitch with confidence and style.

Practice and Repetition Make Perfect

It’s true about practice, so train yourself to take a perfect spot and free kicks. Practice striking the ball and your two-touch passing against a wall, using both feet and focusing on keeping your head upright and your core engaged. Then start with 20 spot kicks and 20 free kicks from anywhere in the box, focusing on power, accuracy, and placement. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down with some jogging and dynamic stretching to prevent injury. Train daily and you’ll be scoring like Ronaldo in no time!