Essential Items Every Novice Golfer Should Have

14 golf clubs

Are you about to play your very first game of golf? Then good for you! It is the perfect chance for you to learn why many are in love with this sport. Golf is a sport that makes an excellent way to socialize, get some exercise and even compete in friendly games.

Did you know that many entrepreneurs even make use of Golf as a way to get to know prospects, build relations, offer products, services or partnerships and also seal a deal? That’s right. Since some businessmen and women alike enjoy a friendly game of golf every once in a while, many take advantage of this to hit two birds with a single stone.

All of these pluses more is what you can enjoy by playing golf. But before you get too excited about shopping for your equipment, know that there are things you need to know. As a beginner, you don’t need to buy every single type of golf clubs there is or purchase all the essentials all at once. If you want to know what the essential items are every novice golfer should have, then keep on reading.

Essential Golf Apparel, Shoes and Accessories

Before you head over to the golf course, check out the guidelines set by the clubhouse to make sure you don’t break any rule. Most golf courses have dress codes, and your simple t-shirt and jeans won’t cut it.

To play it safe, go for the traditional polo shirt with a collar. It doesn’t matter if the sleeve is long or short. As long as it has a collar, then you definitely use that in a golf course. For your bottoms, you can choose between khakis or golf pants. Make sure it has belt hoops – no drawstrings. Women can wear skirts provided that they are in between the mid-thigh and 2 inches above the knee.

Golf shoes are preferred. However, steel-spiked golf shoes are usually not permitted. So, stick to soft spikes instead as these won’t be tearing ups the golf course. If you have no soft spiked golf-shoes, go for the spineless ones. Otherwise, non-tennis-style trainers and running shoes are mostly accepted in clubhouses. Thongs, sandals, and flip flops are a no-no when playing golf.

Go and head over to a GOLF SHOP where you’ll find tons of golf apparels you can wear. Also, it would be wise to consider taking extra golf clothing with you as the weather can be unpredictable these days.

As for the accessories, it would be best to stick with a waterproof watch, polarised sunglasses, a cool cap, and don’t forget a gold glove to make sure your hand is safe from bruises and blisters. Dangly pieces of jewelry shouldn’t be worn inside the golf course. Make sure to use your belt loops and wear a belt that is stretchy and one you don’t use at work. Use white ankle socks to pair with your golf shoes.

Golf Clubs


Players are allowed to bring up 14 golf clubs, but as a beginner, you don’t need the whole set to play your first game. A typical set consists of 1 Hybrid, 1 Driver, 1 Putter, 2 Fairway Woods, 2 Wedges, and 7 Irons. Consider how often you plan on playing. You have the option to buy your first golf clubs or just rent some before your game. Second-hand clubs are cheaper and perfect for occasional players, but they break easily due to the number of uses.

Brand new and high-end ones like the Callaway Golf Clubs, on the other hand, are pricier but worth it if you plan on channeling your inner Tiger Woods. Take the Callaway Epic Flash Driver, for example. Dubbed as the most advanced driver ever created, the Epic Flash Driver employs artificial intelligence which Callaway calls the Flash Face. You’d be surprised at how accurate it can be in giving golfers more distance and ball speed. You get to enjoy a remarkable boost in performance making every penny worth it.

Golf Balls

Beginners don’t need to invest in expensive golf balls because guess what? You’ll most probably lose a lot of your golf balls in the process. Since you’re still learning the ropes and basics of golf, go for affordable and playable golf balls available in golf shops. You can buy a dozen for about $30. Go for two-piece golf balls as these are the cheapest option, which is perfect for newbies who tend to loose ball after ball.

Golf Bag

Get a comfortable golf bag that has well-padded straps. Make sure your bag can conveniently store your golf clubs and golf balls. If you’re not a fan of golf bags, you can always opt for a golf trolley. Make sure to use it often so that your money won’t go to waste.

Before buying anything, you would use for your golf, assess how often you will use the equipment. Doing so will help you make the right choice.

Bonus Tip

As a beginner, it pays to learn about the different golf etiquettes. While learning all do’s and don’ts of golf can take time, one should at least learn the basics, such as the following.

  • Pay attention to the golf course rules and regulations. Every country club has its own set of rules. Make sure to read and understand them.
  • Be 20 minutes early. It is standard etiquette to arrive 20-30 minutes before tee time. This will enable you to warm up, practice and of course, pay for the game.
  • Dress appropriately. Remember to dress up in smart casual.
  • Keep it silent. Playing golf requires concentration. So, if you find someone playing a shoot nearby, it’s best to keep still and quiet. Also, put your phone on silent mode.
  • Take your time without being too slow. No one will want to play with you if you take too much precious time to swing your golf club.
  • Keep your cool. No cursing, swearing and shouting. Avoid negativity and don’t be a killjoy.

Now that you know the basic etiquette and essential items needed to play golf. Shop wisely, play responsibly and just enjoy the sport.