4 Party Planning Tips to Have a Great Time

cornhole boards

A lot of party planning tips are self-explanatory: Play music. Serve food and drink. Have various entertainment options for your guests.

But what if you’re interested in something a little better than the usual party? What if you want to host an event that no one will ever forget?

Here are just a few tips for organizing a remarkable get-together. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it should be enough to get you thinking in the right directions as you prepare your home or backyard for guests.

1.    Have a Theme

Themes can tie together everything from your menu to your decorations. But don’t limit yourself to colored streamers! Get creative with the way that you incorporate your theme into your event. For example, if you’re hosting a Superbowl party, you can buy NFL cornhole boards instead of regular ones.

2.    Consider Dietary Restrictions

This is an important step in making all of your guests feel comfortable. Even if you might internally scoff at the thought of gluten-free desserts, you’ll need to include them on your menu to keep allergies and sensitivities from ruining the fun. All of your guests have the right to enjoy food and drink at your gathering.

3.    Offer Prizes

Everyone loves a freebie! Just make sure that your prizes are things that your guests will actually value. Cheap little pens and key chains are likely to be forgotten when it’s time to go home, but no one will leave behind a cool t-shirt or novelty mug.

4.    Mix Up Your Playlist

Offer a little something for everyone with your playlist. Include all genres. Even if your guest’s boo at a particular song choice, the great thing about a playlist is that there’s always another track coming up, so you won’t have to deal with it for long.

These are just a few party planning tips that go beyond “buy napkins” or “serve good drinks.” Whether you’re hosting a small gathering among friends or an extravagant get-together for the entire neighborhood, use these ideas to host the ultimate event!